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Short DescriptionLethbridge College, Alberta has an Aquaculture Center of Excellence (ACE) that produces sterile Grass Carp for aquatic vegetation control. In Alberta retail buyers can purchase Grass Carp from licensed fish farmers who are members of Alberta Aquaculture Association (AAA). For other sales contact Lethbridge College.
Posted DateNov 3, 2008 1:55 PM


Although the Aquaculture Centre of Excellence (ACE) is not a certified disease free culture facility; ACE strives to maintain its Triploid Grass Carp in optimal health, but does not guarantee the continued health of the Grass Carp once they leave our facilities.

* Due to temperature concerns, we have established a cut off date of July 31. However, if the purchaser wishes to pick up fish after this date we advise them there are temperature requirements for the carp prior to winterization. The full risk of transporting after July 31 is fully accepted by the purchaser.
Please read the Release Form below for a check list and recommendations that will assist contribute to the arrival of the Grass Carp at their final destination in optimum condition.

Detailed description of recommendations, including calculator for number of carp based on pond size, available through:$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex3446/$file/485_641-1.pdf?OpenElement




Grass carp are listed as a permitted species to stock in the province of Alberta, Canada under the Alberta Fisheries Act (1997). Pond owners may obtain a "Recreational Fish Culture" application form (a $10 application fee) on-line at: Click on livestock, aquaculture and then general. You can also call (403) 381-5170

Triploid grass carp, are allowed as a species acceptable for stocking in private farm ponds. A "Recreational Fish Culture" licence holder can buy grass carp, but may not traffic or sell fish. Grass carp may not be stocked in the Restricted Area (East Slopes regions) of Alberta.

Once stocked into a licenced pond, grass carp may not be legally moved to other locations.

Regulations in other jurisdiction may vary.


The Aquaculture Centre of Excellence (ACE) at Lethbridge College, in operation since 1997, is the only production facility of grass carp in Canada. As partners with the Alberta Aquaculture Association the facility acts as the producer of sterile grass carp with the fish farmer as distributors in Alberta.

Sterile grass carp are stocked into water bodies and act as a long term form of biological vegetation control. The fish, available for stocking in May and June each year, have been thoroughly disease screened and tested and are guaranteed triploid (sterile).


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